Tribute to my Teachers

Every person needs a Guru. May it be your parent, your friends, your environment or your school teachers. Its the nature of humans.. we just keep on learning and learning.. but there are certains things that you just cannot forget. Some things that marked you forever. Everyone in their live had one or more of the super cool teacher of which we would never miss a class.. even the worst “dezordaires” would attend happily.. I just dedicate this page to the best teachers i’ve had in my life so far.. and Miss/Sir(s).. what i am today.. thats thanks to the knowledge you share with me.

Miss Bheekun

back then when i was in ADP SSS. She was our computer teacher. MY god… i will not make “informal comments” because she is married now. and i dont know her new name. lol.. couldnt keep contact with her. yesss… in form5.. i remember that this is the one class that none of us would miss for any reason wat soever. Even today i would qualify her as on of the best teacher i’ve ever had. Afterall she’s the one who introduced me to programming, and i wrote my whole program for my project in Dbase BY MYSELF after she showed us the basics. The theory classes were boring.. and she knew it.. lol.. but thats ok.. we still went in the classes.. anddddd.. when i got my 1 in computing. and i went to see her she seemed really very happy and said “Sa mo ti koner sa”.. lolll zamais pa pu blier sa…

miss if you are reading this.. please drop a comment.

Mr Groodoyal

My physics teacher since form 4. well… what should i say about him. He is someone who knows what he wants. His classes are always lively and u dont feel awkward in such a class. everybody is treated equally. 😀 Sincerely, i didnt like physics back then in form4(because of my crapp school teacher, Mr Bach$#%^#@^), then when i started taking tuit. wot a wonderful subject it was. Even if you dont get 100/100 in your exams, you surely learn thingssssssssssssssssss… things that will modify your personality and way of thinking. Mr groodoyal had the art of inspiring the students and making them confident enough to tackle challenging situations. The jokes and riddles that exploded in his class are absolutel unique, you wouldnt get sch an atmosphere somewhere else! Where aprentice physicist are so facinated by the Work of God share views, concepts, analyse theories flirt(yes! yes!, thats the work of god too) and do those praticals! 😛

I just want to tell you that you have been a wonderfull teacher those four year i’ve learnt from you. After my hsc.. i got a bit dissapointed with my results… and i didnt quite contact you.. 😦 im really sorry about that. well i have decided to contact you! 😛 i will do it soon.. im sure you will be reading this blog soon enough.

Sir, it has been an honor to be your student!

Mr Soukdawar

I didnt take maths tution in f5 and lower6(1 & 2 semester)… then… i needed practice and was looking for a maths teacher. My GF (good friend = GF) told me to go there and she gave me his phone number. I went there with my friend (3rd semester) and luckily i got a seat(which was very “improbable”). Everybody used to say that he is very strict and give lots of homeworks and noone talks in his class. Well it was true. lol.. but that was a good thing. Maths became almost “fun”. Like a game, you get a problem and you just choose the best strategy to come up with a solution. You are at a level and u have to kill monters(e.g dy/dx) to go through to the next level! I think thats amongts the rare classes in which i would always do my homework, smiply because it was fun (sometime really scary though)!. but you know what?? when you solve some kind of longg equations that takes several pages AND YOU GET THE ANSWER!! BANG! STRIKE HARD! RIGHT ON THE SPOT! AT THE FIRST TRY ITSELF! There cannot be any greater joy than that! 😛 i sure all ppl reading agree with me! I missed my A by a little.. im sorry for that sir..

What i would want to tell you is that, just do not change, your way of teaching discipline and Winner Spirit is just what inspires me to go forward! You are a perfect teacher!


4 thoughts on “Tribute to my Teachers

  1. Very good Sandeep… u hv nt just written abt ur best teachers, bt hv also shown ur respect to them… may the teachers reading abt themselves on ur blog find that inner deep feeling of urs for them from ur words… ^_^ gr8

  2. Heart Touching Bro, those teacher are 4 sure special ones and u’re really lucky to have been able to attend their classes.

  3. i used to feel the same way about maths lol
    I also had a strict teacher, Mr.Gokool, whose classes were awesome though the difficulty level was higher than at school. By killing bigger monsters you gain more exp and level faster XD
    Sometimes, i had a hard time; getting scolded for not killing a boss monter, but hell yeah, i did pawn a few by myself lol!

    Anywayz, Its nice to see that not all the youngters are ungrateful gits (like me) ^^

  4. I really appreciate this page: Tribute to Teachers. 😀

    Ahh mr. sookdawar. He’s a great teacher. Really inspired me to work for an A in Maths A-level.

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