Taboo? Mauritian Mentality??

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Hello everybody. Today im going to talk about something that happend on last wednesday(19/11/08). On a very  famous radio station, a very particular emmision was “launched”. The idea behind this show was to reveal taboo subjects in mauritius and getting the comments of the listeners. On that day, the Topic was about “Male Prostitution in MRU”, there was even a guest(male prostitute) who was interviewed in real time. I dont know if the latter was in the studio or they were just conversion by phone. The fact is! This is a very delicate topic (basically thats the aim of the emision), and mauritians surely reacted. One of the teasing questions was “Why do you do this?”, and the latter answered “Because of financial problems”.

Some clearly rejected these type of radio-programmes. Several reasons were given :

  1. Mo pa le mo zefant ecout sa ban kaliT emmision la. ( ENG : I do not want my child to listen to such programmes)
  2. Bizin pa encourage ban dimoune ki ena problem financier al dan sa direction la.(ENG :MAN having financial problems should not be encouraged to go in this direction)
  3. Kot nu p aler dan sa pays la?  (lol.. yes yes.. for some people, this is a valid argument) (ENG : Where are we going in this country?? )
  4. Topics like these should not be debated in public. Its just too sensible.

Someone even said : Prostitution is illegal, so the police should arrest the guy who was the “guest” of that programme, because he clearly admitted that he is a male prostitute and he even gave his name.That someone indeed had a point. 😛

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Dear readers, this is how the majority of mauritians treat the taboo topics. but is this how they SHOULD deal with it? Aren’t we in a developing country? Should we continue to supress taboo topics or should we encourage radio-shows like these?

Share your opinion.

For those who intend to make usless comments, This article is not about debating “MALE prostitution/ right or wrong”. This article is about debating “TABOO topics in public”. Biase your comments taking this fact in mind. Thank you.

Disclaimer : I have not targeted any individual nor have i stated a judgement on a living or dead human. The above article was an observation. And a means of getting readers’ observations too. ahligatoh!