The Situation so far | Summed up.

Well, I personally think MES is wasting time. It will never actually be able 2 trace all the leaks. Since last Thursday, “zot p passe facebook ek blackpapers au peigne fin”, still no results. Actually, they are coming up with the argument that some of the leaks were fake.. As we all know, internet is not the only means, they will never know about the info that travelled by mail, fax or phone. We cannot afford letting this take too long!

What I think should be done instead is that we refer the case to our embassies in all the 55 commonwealth countries, and ask them for a copy of the paper in the respective countries along with their time table (GMT). Then we eliminate those papers that started before we did, or else, in the situation that we had already started before they were done there. Thus, atleast we can know for sure which are the papers that couldn’t have been leaked at all.

Now, the very fact that we can compare the papers directly will produce a better assessment of the situation. After this, having seen that the papers are similar and done with a certain time delay, we should assume that leaks occurred, even if proofs were not obtained. We do not actually expect a student to come forward and say openly that he received the leaks otherwise than fb.

If we process things this way, the possibility of us resitting ALL the papers is considerably reduced and a decision can then be taken based on true facts! I wonder why nobody came up with this so far on radio.. :S

Another view: Did MES “officially” know that there was this time delay beforehand, and that the papers were similar? For that answer, I think we should analize our binding contract with CIE and see if any such thing was mentioned. If that was the case, GOVT of Mtius should never have agreed! Then the fault is ours; we will not b able to sue CIE for this. It is not even liable to pay for our resitting. Legally speaking, they will be able to protect themselves though we know the whole system is to be revised.

The above article was written by Rishi

The final decision still remains unknown. I will keep updating.