I’m feeling Lucky

Dimoune seki pa koner google kieT sa, lev lamain laooo met lamain dan lerein.. 😀

Today, i was surfing using GChrome, and as a matter of fact.. i was feeling lucky… so i went on google’s homepage.. i noticed that little button “Im feeling lucky”. Its been there since… pheeew… years ago… and I NEVER CLICKED IT! i thought it was a link to somekind of online arcade or smething… like casino.. bof.. So hell ya! I Clicked it!! And wow… got this super glittery flashing ziggling  message i was expecting! Continue reading “I’m feeling Lucky”

Google Chrome


Google Chrome is the new open-source browser, developed by Google! As you all know, when google does something, its always 1 milimetre close to perfection! Google Chrome has been released just yesterday (over 100 countries)


More about it :

GC (google chrome) is lightweight and fast! It comes with a very neat interface, btw the name Google Chrome is drawn from the appearance of the interface itself, i.e “Chrome”

What i like about it :

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