Cheaters Are going to be TrackedDown!

Thats one of the first major decision taken after the leakage scandal. It has been announced that Cambridge will trackdown the cheaters and they are going to be penalised. I dont think tracking down the cheater can be pratically feasible! And i am 100% sure that all the cheaters cannot be retraced. In fact, there are some questions that travelled via emails, phone calls, sms. How will they track these??

About the Facebook group of, The profiles and pictures of those who participated int he discussion are they, but does this mean they are cheaters!?? does this mean these people didnt revise??? How can u differentiate between a genius and someone who cheated?


No details have been reveaed about that. Sure that its going to be very diffucult. and innocents might get problems!

It is possible to retrace ppl using their IP address. Yes. but this involves a great deal of Privacy infridgement. MyT users have dynamic IP. It changes everytime you reset ur livebox. Without the help of the ISP(internet provider) its pratically impossible to traceback. supposed they managed to trace back the names of those internet connection owners who got access to those facebook groups or blackpapers forums, so what??? The names of their MOM OR DAD are thier, bot the name of the students! how are they going to knw who has a son/daughter sitting for exam!? Im still wondering!!

If Facebook collaborates will cambridge and hands over all details about the discssions that took place in those mini forums. Cambridge will get a very bad reputattion and ppl will feel UNSAFE in facebook. This will cause a major impact on Facebook’s popularity. not only in mauritius, but worldwide!

On the other hand, If Facebook doesnt collaborate, they dont loose anything, because i believe that they were NOT PROMOTING leakage. FB is just a platform for communication. just like any other.

FACEBOOK IS NOT THE ONLY PLACE WHERE THE PAPERS WERE LEAKED. (phone calls, emails, sms are also concerned.)

How are they going to track those cheaters????? IS our privacy at risk??? THERE’s absolutely no reason y facebook should be banned.


The decision of tracking down cheaters. Whom does it benefit most??? Cambridge! of course. Whats the other alternative?? Make all the students resit and PAY FOR THEM!!! there’s no way all these students are going to pay again!! So who makes the loss?? yeah.. you got it… so whats the “profitable” solution?? track down cheaters! how???? NO IDEA!!

Waiting for more transparency about this topic. Share your view.s


UPDATE(01.35am 15/11/08) :

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I now think that these people are not cheaters as some of them did not know that the papers would be the same, they are being called so, because the real culprits need a scapegoat.
I think a resit is the solution, but the actual issue, is that can we attend the exams again? like me, i’m sure all other students are mentally exhausted… and we have forgotten most of what we revised! we need to relax, especially after two years of hardwork and sacrifices… HSC is once, why should we go through that all over again???
Even if the resit is in February or March, we will have study during the holidays, and some are planning to work to save money for their University courses, others are going abroad, others need to badly relax ,because of exams stress, i know many who’ve been sick…
Those who got the papers before will be tracked down, it means that those who did not, will be having their papers corrected like as if nothing happened, the threshold mark will not increase, or it won’t be done severely…
And going for a free resittin is extremely costly, CIE will not be able to pay for 10000 students…
its my opinion, now i don’t really know what will happen??
but i would like to know something, those who used the net, did not know they would be getting the same questions, what about those who use the phone or fax machine to communicate with their penpals or relatives who are abroad??? these students ARE actually cheating, they know that the papers will be the same!! these have been happening for years, i don’t understand why should FB or the students (called cheaters) be blamed for??
concerning those who reported, why did they do that after the xams only?? i read from one of the students who reported, saying that he got access to the information on the eve of the exams and he informed his friends, so they were in contact with papers too, they already knew what would come up too…
If they were really honest, they should have done so before the exams, a call would have been highly enough to start an inquiry, then if the facts were right the exams would have been stopped!
Now all the ‘big papers’ are over, we are somehow relaxed, because we can now enjoy the holidays, but its not the case….
And in 1981, the fact was that the real paper was leaked, it was not DISCUSSIONS! the real paper was actually out before the exams! that is why, cie had to conduct the exams again, but today, its the discussion going one between foreign students, who had previously sat for the papers, and by chance students from mauritius participated in their conversations, but is it really their fault??? i was totally against the cheaters, but now i know that most of them did not know it would be the same papers!!
i’m sure, we all thought that after the Singapore issue, every country would be having different papers, but now i came to know that its not the case….
try to think about that… i want justice too… but resittin just freaks me out… i’m not prepared yet and i’m far too tired… I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE GOING THROUGH THIS…


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