Hello friends.. i guess you all heard about the latest scandal. Many hsc papers were leaked! The fact is, there is a website (bl_ckp_pers.info). They provide past exam papers for download FREELY. Thats obviously a very good thing for all the students who wana practice(remember, past exam book have been banned in mauritius).


What happened is that exam papers from Maths, Physics,Chemistry and General Paper were available on the internet in the eve of the exam day. The facebook group of the site(bl_ckp_pers.info) was in great discussion about the questions. No one knew that these question would infact come out the next day. Hundreds of mauritian students had access to those papers before coming in the exam room. And the already disccussed their answers in the facebook group. It is said that they were having discussion with students from pakistan and singapore(whom i believe sat for the exam the previous day). These students realised that the same questions they worked  out last nite was in front of them in the exam! (What a luck?? shud i say?)

I tried to find some of the discussions about the LEAKED papers, but as far as i knw they’ve been remove around noon today!

Thousands of students worked hard for two years and prepared for these papers!! and other got the answers before sitting for the papers! Thats pure injustice. Though YOU will agree that if YOU knew that these papers were available, YOU would have been tempted to view them. Thats “human”?? i guess so..

Now that these facts have been revealed, it the MES who’s in deep trouble. Students are manifesting. They dont want the paper to be cancelled just because and “handfull” of students cheated. Also, it wont be nice if those student who viewed these papers the previous day get their papers cancelled because they had no idea that these were infact leaked papers! Moreover, these papers(maths chem, phy, GP) are essential for those who are competing for scolarship!!!

Whats your opinion about this??

What should the MES/Cambridge/Ministre of Education do?

Who should be blamed??

UPDATE : carrotmadman6 has also posted on this topic.

UPADTE : From what lichien Finnet said on the mbc newsflash. It seems that its NOT the papers itself that were leaked, but instead, students from Australia and New Zealand who already sat for those papers started a duscussion topic on facebook and share some of the questions that they remembered. Thats what happend. So now, i dont really knw why Blackpapers.info is into the picture.

Lichien Finnet declared that solutions are being sorted out and the verdict will be revealed soon.