Cavadee 09 | Kaylason



Today i went to Kaylason (The big kovil in St-Croix to help friends distribute juice to those pilgrims who walk for such a long distance.


As all Mauritians know, they pierce their body with pins.. hang lemons and lots of other stuff  and walk. They inflict suffering to their physical body in order to purify themselves(correct me if i am wrong).


So i stood there.. and seriously! more than 100 of those cavadee they carry passed in front of me. so obviously i took a lot of pics! You can view the album below.


Here are some pics summarizing the event:






















They have to go three times around this kovil before they can relieve themselves from their cavadee.






Another Post About Cavadee in Mauritius



Cyclone Warning Class 2 in Force in Mauritius


I was in the Communications Skills Class and it was nearly 4pm(time to end the class), and Some guys came from outside and said its class 2, the lecture ends here. Damn!! Couldnt they have come earlier?? nevertheless… the lecture was damn interesting!


So i walked in the rain… as much as i could. My friends say i am crazy.. i dragged them too.. 🙂 In front of Mc Donalds, i saw a girl, she resselbled a girl that i knw , and i touched her hand.. and damn! it wasnt her!!


Came home… after an adventurous journey home…


Some questions:


When its Cyclone Warning Class 2, Schools and Uni release because Class 2 is considered as dangerous. Right? So yeah.. release the students in the dangerous weather itself! 🙂 Wot an intelligent decision!! Franc Franc tou!!

(not a judgement… just lighting room for improvement..)


Outcome : All Schools and Uni’s are released simultaneously, with consequence :  MASSIVE TRAFFIC JAM!!! When i saw MASSIVE,  I MEAN MASSIVE. From rochebois to port louis. Cars are moving like snails.


And finally when i came home! The joke of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check this out!




Seriously?? How was this supposed to inform me while i was in class??


Its nice that the use mass mail to communicate to students.. but come’on!!

its ridiculous!



For those who come from Mars, The name of the Cyclone is Gael and its coming head on MRU. I say, come baby come..



And Miss Chaya says i cant shine… there’s cyclone.. But i guess i’l continue to shine! in ur msn contact list! 😀 Jai ho!


Manchester United v/s Chelsea FC

First of all.. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all my readers! I haven’t been blogging lately.. simply because.. there was nothing to blog about(for me). So here i am today! With another Hot/Cool Topic!

Ladies And Gentlemen, Presenting, only on, pre-match analysis of The Clash of the Month : Man UTD v/s Chelsea


iphone-wallpaper-manchester-united football_chelsea_logo

This result of this match will have great impact on the big 4! (Liverpool, Chelsea, Man U, Aston Villa). This is an opportunity for the red devils and the blues to get closer to the leader, and its as well an opportunity for the kop to get further from both!


Stats from the past 23 Matches played :


Chelsea 5 – 0 Man Utd (Premiership: 03-10-1999)

Man Utd 3 – 2 Chelsea (Premiership: 24-04-2000)

Chelsea 2 – 0 Man Utd (FA Community Shield: 13-08-2000)

Man Utd 3 – 3 Chelsea (Premiership: 23-09-2000)

Chelsea 1 – 1 Man Utd (Premiership: 10-02-2001)

Man Utd 0 – 3 Chelsea (Premiership: 01-12-2001)

Chelsea 0 – 3 Man Utd (Premiership: 20-04-2002)

Chelsea 2 – 2 Man Utd (Premiership: 23-08-2002)

Man Utd 1 – 0 Chelsea (League Cup: 17-12-2002)

Man Utd 2 – 1 Chelsea (Premiership: 18-01-2003)

Chelsea 1 – 0 Man Utd (Premiership: 30-11-2003)

Man Utd 1 – 1 Chelsea (Premiership: 08-05-2004)

Chelsea 0-0 Man Utd (League Cup: 12-01-2005)

Man Utd 1-2 Chelsea (League Cup: 26-01-2005)

Man Utd 1-3 Chelsea (Premiership: 10-05-2005)

Man Utd 1-0 Chelsea (Premiership: 06-11-2005)

Chelsea 3-0 Man Utd (Premiership: 29-04-2006)

Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea (English Premier: 26-11-2006)

Chelsea 0-0 Man Utd (English Premier: 09-05-2007)

Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd (English FA Cup: 19-05-2007)

Man Utd 2-0 Chelsea (English Premier: 23-09-2007)

Chelsea 2-1 Man Utd (English Premier: 26-04-2008)

Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea (European Cup: 21-05-2008)


Summary :

Man U – 6 Wins

Chelsea – 9 Wins

8 Draws


As you all know football is not played on paper.. its played on that green thing out there in front of you and I (the pitch). And whatever History says, a football match is played in the pitch and is not over until the referee blows the final Whistle. A Dream Fixture in the Theatre Of dreams. A Match not to Be missed at any cost!





Now lets praise our Dear National Television Channel a bit.

When was the last time you had the chance to watch a nice football match on TV? Any idea? oh… maybe it was the Champions League final! and after that?? u don’t remember ? right? That’s our Dear Channel! The Hype themselves so much! and still.. shit!

Whenever there’s a big fixture coming up, they get so silent about football.. it feels like they don’t want the populations to know there a big match of football upcoming. They say nothing about it! Not just that. Several times I’ve noticed, after the match they don’t even show the goals and match review, they just say, the score, and they are finished with you!

There was a time when such fixtures were being played, you’d sit with your dad, uncles and cousin! All of them dressed up in their respective teams T-shirt(or same color T-shirt). And with a little “Gajack” spend some family time together! But nowadays if you want to spend such family times, you HAVE TO GET satellite channels.(except if you are a Celtic FC fan) But not everybody can afford that. Can they?


I agree that the cost of these matches are so high, but then, they should not make long speeches and hype themselves! DAMN!! MAURITIANS DONT WANT TO SEE CELTIC FC Matches!!! WE WANT MAN U! LFC! CFC!! even sunderland will do.. not some unknown clod from an unknown league with unknown player! I hope they do understand why we watch football one day.




So Lets com back to our calm state. 🙂



What is your Prognostic!?


Share it in the Comments Section!


Match is Scheduled on Sunday 11 Jan @ 16.00GMT


Celebrating 10000+ Views


Hello everybody! Its with great pleasure that i announce that has reached 10000+ views/hits! 😛 though i’m still a petit poucet amongst all the great Mauritian Bloggers out there, I hope to go far and consider this “stat” at a first step. 😀 thank you all for reading my articles.


Its been exactly 112 days since this blog was created. 😀


General Stats :

Total views:10,034

Busiest day:1,784 — Friday, November 14, 2008









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PS: The medal made of chocolate! 😛


Rock ON!!

HSC 2008 Leak Aftermathh : No Reseat, the experts’ decision

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THE decision all of you were waiting for has been finally taken. There will be no reseat. That’s what the “academic committee of experts” from Cambridge decided. However, the leaks happened, There is no denials about that. Hence the solution is as follows :

  • Adjust the Marking scheme so that every student is treated equally.
  • This will mainly affect physics paper2 and paper 4. It has been said that most of the question are “low ability” question, except for some 5 questions. It is emphasized that the “higher ability” questions were untainted these experts said that these question were sufficient to make the difference between the students.
  • Note that it has been decided that the leaks for maths and chemistry were negligible. Hence normal correction will take place for these.

So, first of all, i would like to wish a happy holiday to all Science students! No stress! 😀

However, does everybody agree with this decision? Note that this decision was voted in unanimity. Sure its not a perfect decision but, i think its the best decision. To be fair to everybody. Nothing has been revealed on the NEW MARKING SCHEME.

Drop your comments,. vote and tell your friends to come and vote. So that we get he answer of the majority without reading all the comments.

Taboo? Mauritian Mentality??

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Hello everybody. Today im going to talk about something that happend on last wednesday(19/11/08). On a very  famous radio station, a very particular emmision was “launched”. The idea behind this show was to reveal taboo subjects in mauritius and getting the comments of the listeners. On that day, the Topic was about “Male Prostitution in MRU”, there was even a guest(male prostitute) who was interviewed in real time. I dont know if the latter was in the studio or they were just conversion by phone. The fact is! This is a very delicate topic (basically thats the aim of the emision), and mauritians surely reacted. One of the teasing questions was “Why do you do this?”, and the latter answered “Because of financial problems”.

Some clearly rejected these type of radio-programmes. Several reasons were given :

  1. Mo pa le mo zefant ecout sa ban kaliT emmision la. ( ENG : I do not want my child to listen to such programmes)
  2. Bizin pa encourage ban dimoune ki ena problem financier al dan sa direction la.(ENG :MAN having financial problems should not be encouraged to go in this direction)
  3. Kot nu p aler dan sa pays la?  (lol.. yes yes.. for some people, this is a valid argument) (ENG : Where are we going in this country?? )
  4. Topics like these should not be debated in public. Its just too sensible.

Someone even said : Prostitution is illegal, so the police should arrest the guy who was the “guest” of that programme, because he clearly admitted that he is a male prostitute and he even gave his name.That someone indeed had a point. 😛

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Dear readers, this is how the majority of mauritians treat the taboo topics. but is this how they SHOULD deal with it? Aren’t we in a developing country? Should we continue to supress taboo topics or should we encourage radio-shows like these?

Share your opinion.

For those who intend to make usless comments, This article is not about debating “MALE prostitution/ right or wrong”. This article is about debating “TABOO topics in public”. Biase your comments taking this fact in mind. Thank you.

Disclaimer : I have not targeted any individual nor have i stated a judgement on a living or dead human. The above article was an observation. And a means of getting readers’ observations too. ahligatoh!

The Situation so far | Summed up.

Well, I personally think MES is wasting time. It will never actually be able 2 trace all the leaks. Since last Thursday, “zot p passe facebook ek blackpapers au peigne fin”, still no results. Actually, they are coming up with the argument that some of the leaks were fake.. As we all know, internet is not the only means, they will never know about the info that travelled by mail, fax or phone. We cannot afford letting this take too long!

What I think should be done instead is that we refer the case to our embassies in all the 55 commonwealth countries, and ask them for a copy of the paper in the respective countries along with their time table (GMT). Then we eliminate those papers that started before we did, or else, in the situation that we had already started before they were done there. Thus, atleast we can know for sure which are the papers that couldn’t have been leaked at all.

Now, the very fact that we can compare the papers directly will produce a better assessment of the situation. After this, having seen that the papers are similar and done with a certain time delay, we should assume that leaks occurred, even if proofs were not obtained. We do not actually expect a student to come forward and say openly that he received the leaks otherwise than fb.

If we process things this way, the possibility of us resitting ALL the papers is considerably reduced and a decision can then be taken based on true facts! I wonder why nobody came up with this so far on radio.. :S

Another view: Did MES “officially” know that there was this time delay beforehand, and that the papers were similar? For that answer, I think we should analize our binding contract with CIE and see if any such thing was mentioned. If that was the case, GOVT of Mtius should never have agreed! Then the fault is ours; we will not b able to sue CIE for this. It is not even liable to pay for our resitting. Legally speaking, they will be able to protect themselves though we know the whole system is to be revised.

The above article was written by Rishi

The final decision still remains unknown. I will keep updating.