Print “Hello World!”,  I am s4ndeep… sun… sandeep… zako… wat3ver… .. So here i am… i have “things” to say.. and there’s no better place than a blog! btw.. Welcome! 😀

About MySelf

I am 19yrs young, MALE, a first year university student, studying CSE. And i do not do my homeworks.

Contact : s4ndeep1203@gmail.com

Phone number : 777 7777

petty achievements 😛 :






Educ background :

pREpRIMARY : umm…

pRIMARY      : Coeur Sacre De Jesus RCA


(Form 2- Form 5) ADP  SSS

(Lower and Upper) RCPL


About The Blog

As you might have noticed, this is no where close to a formal blog. And i do a lot of gramatical mistakes!(langazz sms/msn so leffet sa). But nevertheless, i promise that this will be an interesting place. I will not post crap just to fill in. I’l just post nice and useful stuffs. I wanted a place to share cool things with people out there and no need for a “fancy look full featured website” for that! lets take it simple!

No registration is required. Feel free… Spread the word

If you do not like something .. do not hesitate to voice out. but please do not use any foul language. My parents and relatives might also see this. keep this in mind! ohhllalalaaaa.. this is getting boringggggggg….

point final.


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