Cavadee 09 | Kaylason



Today i went to Kaylason (The big kovil in St-Croix to help friends distribute juice to those pilgrims who walk for such a long distance.


As all Mauritians know, they pierce their body with pins.. hang lemons and lots of other stuff  and walk. They inflict suffering to their physical body in order to purify themselves(correct me if i am wrong).


So i stood there.. and seriously! more than 100 of those cavadee they carry passed in front of me. so obviously i took a lot of pics! You can view the album below.


Here are some pics summarizing the event:






















They have to go three times around this kovil before they can relieve themselves from their cavadee.






Another Post About Cavadee in Mauritius


15 thoughts on “Cavadee 09 | Kaylason

  1. vel vel muruga……
    vadivel muruga…
    vetrivel muruga……
    shaktivel muruganikha harohara……
    Thaipoosam cavadee is not only a festival, but a merciful n blissful way to purify yourself and show your devotion to Baal Subramaniam swami………
    it is the union of pure devotional power with the devotee.
    it is the victory of good over bad……
    vel vel shanmugane…..

  2. Long ago, I participated in many cavadee, marche sur le feu, marche sur sabre etc…

    lol, I was most of the time on the “Camion Citerne”, cooling the road, as show above.
    It was fun, I remember once I was in a big lorry, that of sugar estates, spraying water with a high pressure pump, that was really fun!

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