Cavadee 09 | Kaylason



Today i went to Kaylason (The big kovil in St-Croix to help friends distribute juice to those pilgrims who walk for such a long distance.


As all Mauritians know, they pierce their body with pins.. hang lemons and lots of other stuff  and walk. They inflict suffering to their physical body in order to purify themselves(correct me if i am wrong).


So i stood there.. and seriously! more than 100 of those cavadee they carry passed in front of me. so obviously i took a lot of pics! You can view the album below.


Here are some pics summarizing the event:






















They have to go three times around this kovil before they can relieve themselves from their cavadee.






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Cyclone Warning Class 2 in Force in Mauritius


I was in the Communications Skills Class and it was nearly 4pm(time to end the class), and Some guys came from outside and said its class 2, the lecture ends here. Damn!! Couldnt they have come earlier?? nevertheless… the lecture was damn interesting!


So i walked in the rain… as much as i could. My friends say i am crazy.. i dragged them too.. 🙂 In front of Mc Donalds, i saw a girl, she resselbled a girl that i knw , and i touched her hand.. and damn! it wasnt her!!


Came home… after an adventurous journey home…


Some questions:


When its Cyclone Warning Class 2, Schools and Uni release because Class 2 is considered as dangerous. Right? So yeah.. release the students in the dangerous weather itself! 🙂 Wot an intelligent decision!! Franc Franc tou!!

(not a judgement… just lighting room for improvement..)


Outcome : All Schools and Uni’s are released simultaneously, with consequence :  MASSIVE TRAFFIC JAM!!! When i saw MASSIVE,  I MEAN MASSIVE. From rochebois to port louis. Cars are moving like snails.


And finally when i came home! The joke of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check this out!




Seriously?? How was this supposed to inform me while i was in class??


Its nice that the use mass mail to communicate to students.. but come’on!!

its ridiculous!



For those who come from Mars, The name of the Cyclone is Gael and its coming head on MRU. I say, come baby come..



And Miss Chaya says i cant shine… there’s cyclone.. But i guess i’l continue to shine! in ur msn contact list! 😀 Jai ho!