HSC 2008 Leak Aftermathh : No Reseat, the experts’ decision

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THE decision all of you were waiting for has been finally taken. There will be no reseat. That’s what the “academic committee of experts” from Cambridge decided. However, the leaks happened, There is no denials about that. Hence the solution is as follows :

  • Adjust the Marking scheme so that every student is treated equally.
  • This will mainly affect physics paper2 and paper 4. It has been said that most of the question are “low ability” question, except for some 5 questions. It is emphasized that the “higher ability” questions were untainted these experts said that these question were sufficient to make the difference between the students.
  • Note that it has been decided that the leaks for maths and chemistry were negligible. Hence normal correction will take place for these.

So, first of all, i would like to wish a happy holiday to all Science students! No stress! 😀


However, does everybody agree with this decision? Note that this decision was voted in unanimity. Sure its not a perfect decision but, i think its the best decision. To be fair to everybody. Nothing has been revealed on the NEW MARKING SCHEME.

Drop your comments,. vote and tell your friends to come and vote. So that we get he answer of the majority without reading all the comments.