Taboo? Mauritian Mentality??

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Hello everybody. Today im going to talk about something that happend on last wednesday(19/11/08). On a very  famous radio station, a very particular emmision was “launched”. The idea behind this show was to reveal taboo subjects in mauritius and getting the comments of the listeners. On that day, the Topic was about “Male Prostitution in MRU”, there was even a guest(male prostitute) who was interviewed in real time. I dont know if the latter was in the studio or they were just conversion by phone. The fact is! This is a very delicate topic (basically thats the aim of the emision), and mauritians surely reacted. One of the teasing questions was “Why do you do this?”, and the latter answered “Because of financial problems”.

Some clearly rejected these type of radio-programmes. Several reasons were given :

  1. Mo pa le mo zefant ecout sa ban kaliT emmision la. ( ENG : I do not want my child to listen to such programmes)
  2. Bizin pa encourage ban dimoune ki ena problem financier al dan sa direction la.(ENG :MAN having financial problems should not be encouraged to go in this direction)
  3. Kot nu p aler dan sa pays la?  (lol.. yes yes.. for some people, this is a valid argument) (ENG : Where are we going in this country?? )
  4. Topics like these should not be debated in public. Its just too sensible.

Someone even said : Prostitution is illegal, so the police should arrest the guy who was the “guest” of that programme, because he clearly admitted that he is a male prostitute and he even gave his name.That someone indeed had a point. 😛

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Dear readers, this is how the majority of mauritians treat the taboo topics. but is this how they SHOULD deal with it? Aren’t we in a developing country? Should we continue to supress taboo topics or should we encourage radio-shows like these?

Share your opinion.

For those who intend to make usless comments, This article is not about debating “MALE prostitution/ right or wrong”. This article is about debating “TABOO topics in public”. Biase your comments taking this fact in mind. Thank you.

Disclaimer : I have not targeted any individual nor have i stated a judgement on a living or dead human. The above article was an observation. And a means of getting readers’ observations too. ahligatoh!

8 thoughts on “Taboo? Mauritian Mentality??

  1. LOL at the disclaimer..I should put copyright on disclaimers now..LoL

    Yeah He should be arrested.It’s against the law.
    well depends what people understand by taboo subject..

    Many people are shy to talk about masturbation.Others are afraid to talk about sex..others bla bla..

  2. I fink taboo topics shud b encouraged to b discussed in public coz somehow, for children n adolescents who r still growing n discovering the “wonders” of life, if certain aspects which r ever present in the society (sex for instance) r not discussed, it can bring a morbid or unhealthy curiosity in their mind abt these topics in which they receive no guidance abt wat is appropriate n wat is not.

    BUT,we cannot forget dat we, mauritians hav a different culture. i’m sure there r many who can’t even watch a kissing scene with their parents around…even those who r already 18 i.e adults… feeling uneasy?we can very well imagine hw easy it is to talk abt it openly. Looks like even parents try to escape from these types of discussion… solutions??

  3. Well, if someone quite mature is listening this program i do not think it’s something to be treated as taboo or make a scene out of it… It’s simply to make people aware of the facts in our country…. and find solutions to it…
    Enfin banne mentaliter Taboo la zot simplement pou banne dimounes ki pas conne handle situations and they are weak and easily influenced…

  4. Being in a democracy is a great thing, where everyone has the rights to express himself.

    The private radios and the newspapers are helping our society to grow mature! Else, with mbc, we would be like “zenfant lakaaz”.

    Sure you have some people who dont want to hear things like that on the radio, but do they know what their kids are doing on the net or even on the streets?

    You must face the reality, we are no more in prehistoric ages, even in the time of Jesus, prostitutes existed, so, why are they ashamed or revolted?

    I hope that in a few months time, blogs should be part of the daily media of Mauritius, and thats why i always encourage others to blog. Its a great way to share…

    Cheers for blogging!
    Nice topic, keep it up!

  5. Interesting …
    I agree with whatever yashvin just said…everyone should know about these delicate topics…and concerning the children, nowadays children know more than parents …so!!!no big deal…people must voice out!!!

  6. @Angelikdevil-> True, i do get uneasy when my parents are in the room during kissing and other sensual scenes. I think its because it has always been this way since i was little; my parents would swap channel during these scenes. I feel weird when my dad is “trying ” to talk about something related to sex(not even about the “real” thing XD). I actually learnt all about sex in school, in moral classes in form 1 lol, i still remember the day the teacher asked me to draw a vagina on the board… with my awesome drawing skills, it looked like a rabbit, a rabbit with a trunk ROFLMAO

    However, Im pretty open about it with other people. Ive watched porn with female friends :P, and even talked about masturbation with them, but i think that was because they were pretty open about it too… (Note: they are not sluts;as a certain blogger might think <_<)

    So i guess it all come down to upbringing, Ive known friends whom their parents told them ALL about sex at the age of 10 (with all the technical terms) and he freely talks about it with them… I think its a good thing!

    Prostitution. I think the main reason causing this subject a taboo is prejudice. People relate prostitution with AIDS and always look down upon them. In some way, it is true and a good thing, because prositution should not be encouraged, however, they also have an important role to play in society; providing sexual release to frustrated individuals. But, this must not be used as an excuse to allow prostitution to get out of hand. I guess 99% of the sluts choose to become one due to financial problems (they might be drug addicts too). And gays/lesbos, if they were to confess they were gay to a regular guy/girl, the most probable reaction would be: “pa kosT ar moi P****”. Prejudice again! Why is homophobia so well anchored in our country? Last year, around the time when there was going to be a homo “manifestation” at plaza, i was in a bus and overheard some youngsters saying “hey! nou pren ene bate nou al craze zot laguel sa bane P**** la. hahahaha” *very funny*

    To break those taboos, i think the media should air programmes related to these topics more often, get people conversant about it, so they might have an intelligent discussion about it. It will take time, but it might work. Of course, lots of people would protest against this(like the ones stated above) but it is “for the greater good” XD

  7. We live in a retard and BS country with a high percentage of citizens with the BS fraking mentality and still promoting it! I think Taboo topics MUST be talked openly and emcourage people to talk!

    Break those taboos and let people live as they are. If someone is gay or want to do male prostitution by selling sex to women who want to buy it… then I think they must be allowed to do it!

    Enough of these taboo stuffs in this country! Take for example there are many mauritian family who hesitate to even mention the word sex in the family among children…and guess what happen 16 years later??? Well ofcourse the hot babe of the family is trying to learn what is it by having sex by letting 5 fuc**rs making a masala whore out of her behind a video camera!

    Another topic which is still taboo in many family is HIV AIDS!! Yea! And there are people of my age at the UNIVERSITY who know a damn about HIV!!! They heard of it but never knowmore about it!!

    I think every parent should be the friend of his child and talk about just anything openly!! The STRICT PARENT type style is just good to be F*** to the bin now.

  8. Hi,
    I would like to comment on this as I have been asking myself this question so many times: why are Mauritians so closed-minded.I do not want to generalise, but I am talking about the general feel, like for example how this topic was taken on air.
    I believe that, Mauritians have a different culture, a different moral values and also, strong religious belief. We mauritians, we are grown up to believe this is right and this is wrong…we hardly ever get the chance to see a topic as grey area where we can the chance to debate about it.
    I used to think prostitutes are ‘bitches’ and they all have aids!I realised that was not true only much later in life, when I was like 15?16?I read a book about a girl who fell pregnant in her teenagehood and had to run away from home so that she does not bring shame to her family(this was set in an African country)and then to confront life ahead of her, she had no support and ended up in prostitution to raise her child.I was shocked when I read this as I was like:oh…so she is not a ‘bitch’ and she does not have aids…and then again, at the same time, I remember asking myself, what or who is a ‘bitch’ anyway? Bottom line, who are we to judge?
    Okay,Im diverting from the main point. So,back to the taboo issue, I do think that it is best if taboo issues are discussed openly and people are free to choose whether they want to listen to them or not.But I do believe that , these issues need to be discussed. Maybe each family will have a different approach to talk about things that they think is not appropriate to their children, but the fact that they talk about it will give the children a chance to face it and understand what it is and then ask questions.
    And also, I think, people should stop judging each other. If one person is doing whatever to get money, do not judge the ‘whys’ of his or her behaviour.We can disagree with it and personally I will not promote prostitution and I am against it , as a matter of fact.But I am in no position to judge those who are doing it.SO, I would discuss this openly if I have to and have my opinions too.
    I think that Mauritian culture is rooted with many beautiful beliefs and I respect that.I only wish people would want to look at things and realise there are somethings which are not as clear as crystal and try to respect peoples choices and stop being judgemental.
    Okay thats about it from me and keep this blogging up as I think it is very interesting and looking forward to see more of your flashing lines…

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