Hello friends.. i guess you all heard about the latest scandal. Many hsc papers were leaked! The fact is, there is a website (bl_ckp_pers.info). They provide past exam papers for download FREELY. Thats obviously a very good thing for all the students who wana practice(remember, past exam book have been banned in mauritius).


What happened is that exam papers from Maths, Physics,Chemistry and General Paper were available on the internet in the eve of the exam day. The facebook group of the site(bl_ckp_pers.info) was in great discussion about the questions. No one knew that these question would infact come out the next day. Hundreds of mauritian students had access to those papers before coming in the exam room. And the already disccussed their answers in the facebook group. It is said that they were having discussion with students from pakistan and singapore(whom i believe sat for the exam the previous day). These students realised that the same questions they worked  out last nite was in front of them in the exam! (What a luck?? shud i say?)

I tried to find some of the discussions about the LEAKED papers, but as far as i knw they’ve been remove around noon today!

Thousands of students worked hard for two years and prepared for these papers!! and other got the answers before sitting for the papers! Thats pure injustice. Though YOU will agree that if YOU knew that these papers were available, YOU would have been tempted to view them. Thats “human”?? i guess so..

Now that these facts have been revealed, it the MES who’s in deep trouble. Students are manifesting. They dont want the paper to be cancelled just because and “handfull” of students cheated. Also, it wont be nice if those student who viewed these papers the previous day get their papers cancelled because they had no idea that these were infact leaked papers! Moreover, these papers(maths chem, phy, GP) are essential for those who are competing for scolarship!!!

Whats your opinion about this??

What should the MES/Cambridge/Ministre of Education do?

Who should be blamed??

UPDATE : carrotmadman6 has also posted on this topic.

UPADTE : From what lichien Finnet said on the mbc newsflash. It seems that its NOT the papers itself that were leaked, but instead, students from Australia and New Zealand who already sat for those papers started a duscussion topic on facebook and share some of the questions that they remembered. Thats what happend. So now, i dont really knw why Blackpapers.info is into the picture.

Lichien Finnet declared that solutions are being sorted out and the verdict will be revealed soon.


110 thoughts on “HSC PAPERS LEAKED!

  1. Passengers please attached your seat beats.We will be landing in a country called Mauritius which is famous for having scandals and being one among the countries where the level of crimes is high despite authorities claims that crime level has been decreased which everyone knows that it is pure bullshit.Also, the country is well known for corruption and for “limiting” freedom of expression and liberty.Note that Mauritius has slipped down the ladder in the Freedom of Newspapers stats which is readily available on the internet.
    The country is also well known for having the worst customer-NO-care centers where agents have been trained to be parrot.
    I therefore,welcomes you in Mauritius.
    Hope you will be enjoying your stay in this bullshit country.

  2. The papers of physics, maths or chemistry should definitely be cancelled..I really think it is unfair to let this go on smoothly…i mean those who hv been working hard without any cheating what about them???
    I really really think that in those exams things there is still a lack of transparency and accountability…we are far too corrupt…pffff its unfair….the papers should be cancelled even if it will be costy to do another exams…but we should be promoting fairness and ethical behaviours..u guys stop being selfish!!!!

  3. i believ that these papers should not be considered !!!!!

    those who worked these papers will get over 95 % mayB …so the range for 1st grade will be higher , hence those who didnt see these papers will b disadvantaged !!!!

  4. hey, listen all hsc2008, zers no way we should accept to sit for those papers again, we should do somethin… if ever next year after gettin the results we hav to repeat a year, that’s our business! but now, we cannot accept this… plizz we should do somethin…

  5. mai c po juste shaaaa!!!
    dats purely unfairrrr!!!!!!!!
    zez papers shud nt b taken in2 cnsideration..mayB reperform anozer set of papers wud b better

  6. yes i agree with u star03 we should do the papers again !!!!!!!!!!!
    but i dont accept this at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All Hsc 2008 lets all fight to re sit 4 these papers!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I dnt agree to dat at all! Action should absolutely be taken against dat. Its unfair to other students. All the papers which have been leaked out have to be cancelled!

  8. hey… and then don’t you guys think that the WE, the HSC 2008, really need the upcomin holidays?? we’ve been workin for two whole years and now, durin the holidays we should be studyin nad not havin fun!! IS DAT FAIR?????? NO IT ISNT! C VACANCES LA SON TRO MERITE!! ON NE PEU PA ACCEPTER 7 INJUSTICE….

  9. Being the adviser of so many friends, I would advised you guys to ask for cancellation of those papers.It’s unfair that some people got that paper and will therefore have brilliant results while others who struggled to work so hard, will feel frustrated.

    Make the authorities hear your voices.

  10. saki pli arazer moi la dan!seki akz bne rrrr nu bne account fb p cancel!!!!!! bznn mete sa bne couyon la dan prison!!!!:@

  11. It’s completely unfair and not really surprising what these people did. They used technology to their own advantage but seriously they should have realised that the thing can be viewed by everyone…
    Let’s see the positive side, for those who messed their papers, we’ll have a chance to catch up. We have to claim that they set new papers.
    That’s not the only problem, how do you control leaks of this kind? People will somehow find a way to communicate! Looks like it’s the end of international exams era…

  12. dan maurice nanier pa impossible.en 1982 si m problem. ki pna dan sa pays la…ziska lougarou si ena….pff..et nu ban zelev hsc ki pu penaliser

  13. thats so unfair for those who have revised hard. these papers should be canceled!and the students should take another set of paper to promote justice.

  14. Mw m dire track sa mane google la zot IP eclating!!!eyy zot koner ki ti pou bon tou sa ki membber lor fb ale re sit!!!!hahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!yaa hpe zot bypass sa decide met A fot all LOL 😀 ^^

  15. si zt ti ena fiell, zt ti bizin al compozz kuma N vrai zom ou fam !! pna confiance lor CAMBRIDGE e MES moi…. bn moV rrrrrrrrrrrr

    fcebuk is not to B blamed !! cambridge is responsible N also Z idiots who called themselves INTELLO type!! HUH

  16. b non…mw si mo member main nu pan fr nanier…li pa fr u c…n really we worked hard for it n laureat si pna…ya banla in dire cancel facebuk

  17. ayo wi wi vremem sa …zot pa 1 vrai zom ou fam ban cki ine fer sa la !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Si zot ine fer sa pou ggner zis time, bon sa victoire la pou cause zot lifetime defeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    zat shud b ze curse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. hmm mo pas croire sa ine fer gran chose moi
    pas ti ena leak sa
    mo pas lor facebook so mo pas koner mai
    mai cancelling the papers is not the solution

  19. I hold Cambridge responsible…
    You pay them for the exams, they should be in control of the situation regarding security and other isses!

    Facebook is just a medium of communication.
    If they think about banning facebook, then we should not be living in a cyber island!
    We have to start sugarcane plantations everywhere in Ebene!
    Shame to the authorities in case this happens!

  20. its unfair…
    mo pan travay 2ans
    mai kumadire n semaine avnt mne manz ek li…
    ts unfair!
    faking unfair!!!

    pena solution pou ca:S

  21. mo pa koir ki erer pu bn lezot eleves etranG.. koz zot in zis discuss zot papier.. c bn moricien kin fer malin ek in al rod leakages!!
    get sa, apre exams zot tou gagn doir diskute so papier.. ek bnal zot in fer sa lor fb wich is an INTERNATIONAL NETWORK, donc pa kav limite li a kelkun uns seulemen…
    enplus pa kav penalise nu, koz pna papier la.. zis bn discussion.. so i dnt thnk whose who r in charge will base themselves on hear-say…

  22. hiiiii..
    yaps the students r not to be blamed, nt even facebook!!
    like u said, they didnt knw that these wer leakd papers…
    evn if they knew it, they are nt to be blamed coz again like u said, tht’s ‘human’…evn i wuld hav done same fing if i knew tht exm paprs r bein leakd…

    ps: it’s smefin shit tht exm papers r banned :s quite unfair i guess..

  23. xtra ordinair sa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1er injustice c papier la !!! lezot travay pli bien ki certain!!!

    aster 2eme injustice c pou cancel tou moricien zot account!!!
    akoz certain moricien !!! e egalmen pakistanais!!!!!

  24. they r not banned, bt publisher’s house print the papers without askin for copyright from cambridge! its done illegally, that’s why cambridge was like annoyed, koz it ws done in a dishonest way… sum teachers told me about that…

  25. Eh fran tou! Those papers SHOULD be cancelled. Je suis mem pret pu fer 1 re-sit.. Bon dacord ki mo ti ena bel plan ki vacances pu amizé tension/stress free et next year nu get results mai la komen dir pu bizin penser qui nu pu ena pu re-sit for those leaked papers! Let’s take the positive side though, at least we can prepare ourselves better this time (au cas ou certains pa ti bien prepared mais pu moi c’est une merde, mo ti bien reviser pu sa) et surely now if there’s a re-sit, security will be enforced and the probability of leaks will be really small…
    Apres on the fun side, we get to see some grimaces (tamasa comme on le di en creole), c’est pas tou les années qui éna sa! Mai selmen c’est notre avenir qui est en jeu et la ena posibilité vacances mal passé coz tension exams la still here.

    Je trouve pas que Cambridge ou MES vraimen en tort (MES in setup commité d’urgence, lol, j’ai trouveé sa dialogue la super comique – Prof. Lucien Finette a mentioné sa dans journal tv). C’est en super partie la faute a ces gens qui ont copié. Dacord que j’aurait été tenté mai je ne l’aurait jamais fé (pour ne pas avoir les autorités apres moi mai surtout une conscience reprochante). Ils font pitié un peu ban types qui in discuss ban papers avan (mai c peut etre aussi pa zot tort coz zot in penser que c’est 1 simple discussion, according to 1 post mon fek read comme quoi the students who copied thought it was just a dicussion without doubting it was what they would find the next day on paper) quoi que zot extra avantagé. La fote revient pas a quelqu’un spécifiquement! Et those students from “prestigious college of the capital” (RCPL?!), why did they go beg at the MES to NOT cancel those papers? Just supposing here, could they have got the leaks and did extremely well, la raison pour laquelle they dont want the papers cancelled? Mo re-dire, just supposing, je vous accuse pas les éleves de ce prestigieux college. Mai not cancelling those papers would be sheer injustice to those students who worked hard for this exams!

    I think we sould go for a re-sit. Cancelling those papers and averaging the other papers won’t be a good solution coz some pupils rely on certain papers to increase their overall percentage. Taking those leaked papers into consideration also is not a good solution as really deserving students are penalised compared to lazy students who got the questions and answers just before the papers.

    Anyway, reste a voir ce que decidera commité d’urgence. As Prof. Lucien Finette aid, ils prennent en compte tou les catégories d’éleves et prendront une décision qui ne désavantagera personne. Je l’espere bien! Si pu bizin protesté ou fer la greve, compte lor moi :p C’est quand meme notre avenir qu’on parle de!

  26. There are many people on facebook.Blocking facebook will create a major uproar in the country with perhaps manifestations.

  27. in any case.. blocking facebook is NOT the solution. hi5’s scrapbook can be used also.. or any forum… lol.. will they cancell that too?? cancel all the means of intenet social networking??? is that possible?? do they want a kick in the ass instead??

  28. Mo pas croire Mauritius Telecom bizien Banned Facebook or banne lezot Network Forums.. pas ene bon solutions sa .. li pour pliss affecter bann personne ki share zot connaisance ek zot expertise lor internet.. Problem se ki Cambridge ek bann lezot Exams Bodies pas bien organiser lor koter different time zone.. banne zelev kine gagne sa banne answers la pas zot erreur sa .. paski zot pas ti connai se ki zot p gagner li 100% vrai.. Pas blier zot tou inn apprand pendant 2 ans..

  29. Well I don’t want to resit these papers!! I’ve been working hard for almost 6 weeks and those 3 papers are my principal subjects!! So this would mean I’d have to go through this again?? hell no!! I’ve been waiting for these holidays forever and now I’ll have to worry about re – taking these exams!! Like I need another 6 week stress!
    Of course I understand for people who are laureates wannabes (which btw I’m not even though I compete), that they want to re-sit etc…
    Oh and I don’t care if other people get better grades than I do.. I probably don’t know them, and face it if you suck at a subject, you suck, don’t blame those who cheated if u don’t get awesome grades!

  30. likewise aarin.. very well said… zers no way am gonna go through all that stress again…. btw i heard that we won’t be resitin 4 d xams again, it was not the papers that were published, but discussion of those candidates who have already sat 4 these papers, it’s us mauritian that r at fault.. enfin pa moi, mai bn sekin in al rod tuyau, c bnla kin fer malhonet… so pa kav ni blame fb, ni bn zeleve dOR!

  31. suppose we re-seat for these exams.. what if we work worse than we already did the first time ?:S coz often exam’s not only about you knowing everything, there’s also a “chance” factor..
    many might not want to go over the whole thing again coz of these reasons too.. im sure thatd be the case among many a person..

  32. la seule solution c’est de refaire les papiers!

    on ne sait jamai si ban lezot papier si in leaked mai pan fer mes conner…

    franchement…c injuste pour ceux ki sont accademikment moins fort!

    je parles o6 au nom de tou les etudiants..
    mem si kiken ki ena potential ssr!

    cest super injuste!

  33. I’ve been sitting in the exams for the second time now, just for this damn scholarship. Now if i have to reseat again, i will just give up. It’s not worth doing this thing over and over just for a scholarship. Better remain in that shithole of Mauritius than dream of going abroad after going through another period of stress. Doing the 3rd yr was enough for me and doing all this over again is just a waste of time…Only those who got the tips beforehand should be penalised. What puzzles me is that those who indeed cheated do not recognise that they’re at fault. Blackpapers is defending itself and says that there has never been any leakage on its site. I really don’t want to sit for the exams a third time. I believe in justice and justice is punishing only those who cheated, not making everyone resit.

  34. Youuu houuuu . Lets fight for our modern age teknology……..
    Think about next year, what FUCKING MT and the fucking mauritian government will do against this repeat of sharing of informations on networking sites.-block them????? NOoooooo

  35. 48 | aarin

    November 13th, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    Well I don’t want to resit these papers!! I’ve been working hard for almost 6 weeks and those 3 papers are my principal subjects!!


    lol :/

    some been doing that for over a year 🙂

    oh well..the magic of internet and time difference..

    using simple logic from wat i understood.. these guys didnt know they would have the paper on their exams.. its just like doing these famous ”past exam papers” and getting the ”gro lot” 😛

    if they knew they would be having it,that is cheating.. then i doubt it would be a good idea to have thousands of studs punished because of 2-3 people 🙂 and ur free to post wat u want on internet or facebook. so either way.. nthg much can be done.

    Good luck to everyone (lol @ 6 weeks)

  36. I think that cambridge is to be blamed for that…. FB is not to be balmed for this thing… it is an open discussion forum where some students wanted to discuss their papers…. Cambridge should have made different papers for different countries…. Taking Rs10000 for exam fees surely enables them to make different papers for different countries… “laissez-aller” mentality from MES regarding Cambridge should be stopped since Cambridge is not a full-proof institution,they make mistakes which usually tend to have more severe consequences…..Well now i guess the exams can go invalid like in 1982 where the students had to take their exam in june

  37. nu bizin nu vakans!!! 2ans in fanne fesse r apran aster akoz bne kouyons, nu pu penaliser!! c po juste!! fini kumanse amizer tou!!
    n yep mo penC 1 problem ki exisT dpi lontan sa mais 1 forum ladan in al decouvert.. facebook nek 1 parmi bne medium!

  38. Mo truV ki ban membre du gov. zot 1 ban bande d’incompetan…
    B ban zelev HSC ki p comopoZ ou MES & Gov.??? C avec ban zelev ki zot ti bizin fer 1 survey….Bon ban frnd pa pran 1 dcision brik-brak……kot zot ti ena 1 chance lorea….. banla steal zot capacity……zot travail dur…..et ban lezot ki gagn lor plato…….chak l’anA ena sa……..pa kav Papa lorea, 1er,2em,3em…..la famille entier lorea….. Dan 1 side li bon oSi kin ariv sa…..TRUTH triumph at the end…..

  39. When the PM was on Facebook, the PhD-holder Director of ICTA had stopped access to Facebook for Mauritians. What did he do this time for such an important issue?
    What abour Lichien Finette ki ti pé trinké dans Quebec au lieu li fer so travay kuma bizen???

    Eleksion partiel pé vini, bizen donne ene grand coup rotin bazar banne camarades….

  40. tro bocou comment pou lire…mo fin lire nek les 30 premier, then mo fin scroll down..

    ben moi mo penC pa pou kapav fer narnier..
    depi lontem sa ti exister, sof ki cette foi ct sur FB (1 site aukel 2% de la population mondial y a sa page)
    as someone said, it sounds like the end of the International Exams era..

    amoin fer tou dimoun compoz en mem tem, mem dan differen pays.. but still, it would not be possible to have the same paper for every country… maybe “regional” exams will have to replace “International” ones..

    a propo des sanctions, ben mo pa croir pou kapav fer narnier.. apart certain geste ki seron la just pour faire taire certains.. mai rien de concret…

    -faire tou dimoun re-sit…?
    huh… when? suremen pas avan janvier 09 en tou cas… et what about those who applied for uni courses starting feb 09 then?

    -pren sanction contr ban dimoun ki ti particip dan group FB?
    why? what they did wrong? c zot faute?
    imaginez cambridge mem fer 1 erreur 1 jour.. jour papier maths, li partage papier physics ki ti prevu pou le lendemain.. Tou dimoun in coner ki question pou sorti dan test physics demain.. donc bizin pren sanction cont zot tou acoz papier la in ateri devan zot?
    those who joined the discussion forum on FB were lucky… franchmen, je croi pas ki ct zot intention… in met ban info devan zot, zot pan kapav refuser…

    -laisse passer, corige ban papier as if there were no leaks…?
    i better not comment on this…

    this time, cheaters won.. but the others didn’t lose…

  41. i think thats reaaaallllllyyyyyy UNFAIR… mais cambridge bien bizin prend ha en consideration coz banne ceki genuinely ine bien revizer oci p penaliser.. its not easy to re-seat for exams again!!!!!!!! grrrrrrr

  42. i think that it will be much better if we cancel these exams and to do another exams next year.it’s unfair about what happened.cheaters should NOT be accepted.why should u cheat???it’s an exam guys.i guess that now…mauritians are well-known as cheaters!!!!

  43. 1. donne nu grades tking into consideration our forecast results!!!

    2. Cancel papers la mais then nu pa pu ggne uni avk 1 or 2 mains only!!!

    3. re-sit mais sa osi nu pa pu kpv ale uni (Feb intake)..koz re sit takes time..

    fer tou mais pren en consideration sa papier la else it will be xtremely NOT fair for hsc students who wrked really hard!!!!

    moi mo pane reviser ditou avant ale composer!!!! but still pa kpv pli penaliser akoz imP bn so called “intello”…mari la honte pu bnla sa!!!!!

    et kan demande bnla si zot ine bien travail (surtou maths p3`complex)..zot ena touP dir OUI…papier ti facile!!!!

    pa d kestion ena laureat ou non!!!! cki pli important c ke nu resulta!!! si ena pu fail , next yr zot pu bisn repeat et ena pa pu kpv afford sa!!!

    ene lot solution c ke MES mem kpv prepare ene papier fer nu composer dan 1 sel jour!! fer korection ici mem!!!

    mo suposer change mo cour avk mo resulta nov..koz mo suposer join uni in Feb,,mais la mo p trv tou mo plan gaT.my parents have already paid 4 my tuition fees..n its soooo costly!!!!!ni zot refund sa!!!! duno wot gona happen now!!!!
    mo penvi ggn ene resulta kot mo ena ke 2 main deja papier ti kanon mem( accounting par exemple)…

    enfin…we must fite 4 justice..pa kan pu ggne result next yr ki nu bisin fer kitchoz!!! si bisin fer c asterla!!! pa nek pense pu zot(cki ine bien travail or ine leak papers)..pense pu lezot osi!!!!!!!!!!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…do smthg!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Jsuis parfaitemnt d’accord avec Gidezel..c vrai koi!!laisse passer.. c pas la faute à ces élèves..n’importe ki dns zt plas ti pou fer la mem chose..

  45. i totally agree ek toi gidzele..cheaters won..laisse passer..mo fer fout moi..mpa ti pou loreat nanier nah..ki difference si ena ine kass paker akoz zne gne tuyo?!
    the soltion is to ignore all of this!

  46. mo penser ki pa bzn akuz Fb pu sa…
    FB so purpose c pu connect people all over ze world sa…
    c zis n exemple de misuse of technlogy sa…
    cambridge pense moris 1 pays deconecter avk lemorne alor pa pu ena okun problem…
    tou faute repoz lor cambridge ek li bzn assume so responsabilite…
    bzn ena 1 resit ek enplis bzn ggn 1 domage…
    sans oublier, 2 les 2 result publier afin pu ki kav compare pu ggn 1 meilleur analyse du situation…
    beinnn bonne chance..
    mo esperer dan mo tour pa ggn sa ban kuyonade la:P:P

  47. pou bizin re-sit pou exams la.. koz kan pou ale postulate for a work and its written 2008 in your certificate… Credibilite ek Integrite result la li reste a savoire.. 2008=leakage… pas pou kave reste avek 1 result ki pena Credibilite….

    so better re-sit meme si mo konte sa…but li 1 meilleur s

  48. i thnk the mauritius telecom should track down all the cheaters who viewed the sites on the eve of the exams, and these people, that is, those who commited the blunders, shoul resit for the exams.. that will be their punishment… and we, other students, should not go through all these sleepless nights again, and resit for the exams…

  49. Ben..mo kroir C cambrigde ki vrai coupable………..Zot ti bizin prepare 1 papier different pou Maurice………Sa montrer a kel point zot ban gran paresse.zot p kokein nu kass……..En plus 2 sa….some papers zis yr were really kanon……ChimieP5.ki sipozer facile….eh bien 1er numb la mem lor solubility…….

  50. hi guys…facebook pa entor…cambridge ki entor !!!
    sak pays bzn ena so papier diferent mai zot telment tale fes ki zot prepare mem papier pu sak pays..
    enfin,recomposer n solution.mai n solution ki mari penible..mari stressant sa !! bzn mari fort mentalement pu recomposer…meilleur c ki saki anvi compete only pu laureat realcomposer…
    en attendant le statement de cambridge…tc..pa stresser..hope zot tu ggn justice..

  51. pa nek science ein!!!! accounting ti pli bom! dan mcq p1 mem zot ine mete kestion p3!!!!
    papier 2 et 4 plitot pa koser em!!!!

    cambridge ine vin fou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    moi si mo dir plitot resit.pa nek pu cki en tord mais pu zotou!!! akoz si nek fer sa pu bnla.,,c ta dir zot p ggn ene lot chance..wich shd not be the case

  52. TOU dimoun re-sit ou faire kmsi pa ti ariv narnier…
    si vraimem ena bocou zelev(hundreds, as mentioned above) ki in access sa ban info lor discussion forum FB la, then nou tou bizin re-compozer…
    mai si c just une dixaine d’eleves, laiss passer…

    BTW; fer MT block FB?!?!?! ki sanla in gagn sa lider la?!??!

  53. morice bizn vin imP pli dependan..arret nourri levEr cambridge!Btw facebuk cant b blame pu sa! Mo pa dakor pu re sit pu sa ban exam stressan la mw mai
    mo pa kroir ena lot solution!

  54. supoz we go for a resit.. cambridge will give us the hardest questions they can find.. koz now ther r really pissed off… and goin for a resit for all pappers and students require loads of money!! who will pay for that??? NO ONE!! cie n govnt of mts isnt that rich?! right???
    ce ki et kanmem domage, c ke supozon nu ena pu resit, nu pa pu gagn bn papier ki nun gagner sa year la… koz seriously bn papiers ti abordable.. enfin pu science, dakor ki li pa ti super facile, mai li ti abordable… ek la nu p risker perdi 1 chance kumsa…. pffft….

  55. Mo daccord ek sa piti Kaleem la………A very decent solution will be to re-sit……..Justice will B done…….Exams r naturally a mean of stress………..I thnik its a very good opportunity for those who did not work well also…..Et 2 toutes maniere apran pa arret ek HSC sa………..everyD we learn………so….those papers should B cancelled………

  56. zot dakor ki pendan les fete d fins dannees nu p reviser akoz erer lezot dimoun??? pa solidaire ditou.. wai fran… saken p get zis pu li… pa possib sa… pa kav fer resit… nu bizain repren revision ki nun fer prendan 2 ans, alor ki zot tou dir ‘ kan fini kompose 1 papier blier tou seki zot in fer ladan’… nu merite sa bn vacances la nu….

  57. I think if we have to re-sit we shall not B re-paying the fees.Bkoz it is cambrigde’s fault….They have not well planned our timetable..They will have to prepare a new set of papers…only for sbuject’s which papers were leaked ofcourse…..

  58. Ey part (star03).to p blier ena sa system marking ki appelle “threshold mark” Akoz sa zafaire la buku zelev o lieu gagne C Pu truv zot gagne E or U dan subject kuma physics N chemistry….Mo esperer to koner kieta sa threshold mark………

  59. zen it will be for all papers except the maurtian ones.. it will be for chemistry, physics, maths.. wai nu konten fer lexamen nou.. nou adore sa…. 2moi nun streC ek atan kan exams la pu fini, aster re al pass ladan… we r 18+, and we r supoz to enjoy our lyf, koz we knw that hsc xams r over, our lives are set, but no, we are wrong, we hav to learn koz we stil hav exams, another 2 months under stress while everybody will be sayin ‘happy holidays,’ we’ll be sayin ‘ happy revision’ or even ‘ happy stress’, nice one.. yeah great…

  60. “i thnk the mauritius telecom should track down all the cheaters who viewed the sites”

    This will amount to breach of privacy.
    Those guys did not even know that the papers will be same to same.

  61. hey sagar, i knw its not fair… moi oci mo p penC ki bizain refer resit, mai franchemen li mari dan bez… to koner kuman moi komier in streC pendan xams??? aster bizain repass ladan… i’m annoyed too by the fact that those who had the answers beforehand, while i ws revisin all night long, will get better results than me.. i totally agree with you, but still, i thnk we should not all be penalised for that.. koz i didnt search the net for leakages, whilst others did it.. they should be punished…

  62. Well Mr star03 I hope sa ban buf..MES N CIE zot truv 1 bon solution pu sa………Sa montrer A kell point nu system educative pa bon………nu bizin suivre system “lycee”………Mo sire pourcentaz paC pu augment……

  63. Mo ena buku friend kin sanz sytem cambridge in alle lycee…..eh bien zot gagne pli bon resulta ta..But anyway I think the Ministry of education N co…will have to re-see our actual educational system……….

  64. btw i don’t they will ban fb in mauritius, now i hope they are intelligent enough for not usin fb as sacpegoat…
    and whatever happens on the net is closely followed-up… if u dont believe me ask the authorities.. b it on fb, msn or othr communication forum…
    i knw that it will not be fair for mt to track down these people, i undrstand wat u mean.. bt it also concern the future of some 10000 students…

  65. Hmmm mo kroir N I completly agree wiz U ……..nu pa pu kapav re-sit in january itself…….I think if we have to re-sit it should be after march…….D2 toute maniere moi mem mo mari fatiger la…….moi mem in arriv plss ki 2 jours pas dormi………N then u find zat some “malin” in fin gagne tuyo………

  66. b c sa… enplis ena zis 1 minorite ki gagn acces a internet.. alor kifer bn lezot kin apran pendan 2 ans, p penaliser, akoz bn cheaters??? kan ena 1 crime c bn criminel ki payer, pa population en entier.. ek nu en tant k’elve de la hsc, nu ena powers, right??? btw touletem ti ena sa truc tuyo la, mai zot pn in kas tet..

  67. lots of blabla :O
    no one is to be blamed.
    one thing : block internet in mauritius and there wont be anymore leakage 🙂

  68. Better solution is to re-sit for exmas… koz results pena valeur si exams ine leak…meme si vraiment li stressant retourne dan sa mane livre la enkor.. but better have a well valid certificate than a leaked one…

  69. Btw avec sa zafaire leakage la … kouma Sagar07 ine dire.. threshold marks pou vine plus fort…sa pou debalance partout lerla..facilement kave fail 1 papier ou dan place gagn D kave gagn E..Sa truc leakage la ine faire bokou degat..

  70. i dnt knw , but i think it was said on the radio if ever a resit will b done, it will be for ALL papers, science, mats, eco, accounts… everypapers… except those maurtian ones, like GP…. now i’m not sure…

  71. @Aarin—>can I use your reply ?

    Yes tushal u can.. btw I already saw it on facebook *wink*

    Si on doit refr je ne crois pas ke ce sera pour bientot.. sa va prendr du temps! c pas evident de refr d papiers aussi vite..
    G 3 papiers la semaine prochaine et jariv pas a me concentrer a cause de sa! urrghhh
    en plus kil n’y a pas de news dutou ;(

    and #candle
    I’ve also been working hard for 2 years but I meant these 6 weeks I worked even harder and I was under much more pressure like almost everybody else I fink..

  72. Huh, mon tend dire pa pu ena pu pay again si ena re-sit! I think that’s the only solution quoi que mon aussi tend dire qui pa pu ena sa truc re-sit la! Si c’est le cas, b je truv vraiment unfair! Pass marks will be rocking high et ban éleves average who worked hard and aspired for an A or a B will find themselves with D or E. That’s not fair! Et those students who got the answers before, they will be getting higher grades than the ones who worked hard. I went through that exams too, mo dacord que c’est super stressant et qui comme mon dire dan mo first comment la haut moi aussi mo ti éna super plan pu relax dan vacances mai since c’est notre avenir, I don’t mind going for a re-sit!

    This way we’re guaranteed that everything will be fine and that our results will be the ones we actually deserved.
    And for those who did not do well, u get a second chance :p

    Let’s hope the decision really is a good one (that is: we have to re-sit for exams). Of course not in december mais January will be fine. Meme si pu éna pu revise pu fete fin d’année, u have to sacrifice a bit…

  73. I definitely think that we must resit for the paper.when they will do a scaling,the guys who already knew the answers beforehand wiil surely get an A.Then,the level also wii be high which means that if someone get 65/100 in a paper,the latter may even get a D.therefore,I think that it will be totally unfair on cambridge’s behalf if they don’t take a quick decision which will be in everybody’s interest.That is why I contemplate that we must resit for the exams.

  74. mo pa dakor pu re asiz pu exams…mo ena gran gran plans dan vacances mw!!! mo ti p atan o moins 1 D dan physics mai aster “threshold mark” pu augmentE e pu al gagn U star dan place gagn D!!!! zats pure injustice… FUCK U CAMBRIDGE!! to ti bzn cne assume to responsabilite…

  75. Cambridge xtra en tort la dan. Li kner facile ena communication entre ban eleves mauricien e d’autres pays li pa bzn dne mem papier tu sa pays la. C 1 gran injustice sa. Ena eleves p work hard pendant 2 ans e les autres 1 nuit suffi pu zt exams??? nu pa kpv etre penaliser lakoz les autres… Mai si ena pu re sitit doesnt matter bt justice shd b done…….

  76. I genuinly understand those guys who don’t want 2 re-sit..but its a matter of justice…..We cannot ignore this matter…..Hey guys open ur eyes…this is going 2 affect our society…C toutes notre system educative qui est Dbalanc ……..

  77. I guess re sitting is the only solution though its gona b real hard. I was against zis re sitting stuff bt i dnt fink zer will be another solution.

    As Yash has said “better have a well valid certificate than a leaked one…”
    But its gona b real hard 2 go n kip stuck wiz our notes and copybooks jst wen we thought finally we r in holidays!!

    Its gona b harder 4 zose who do science. i fink zey wil hv 2 re sit 4 3 papers! Nt fair.. Im confident zat iv worked well in maths papers.. nw got 2 re sit 4 maths???? pffff. wat if zis time zey prepare z papers rily tough??? 😥

    Nw we’l hv 2 b punished wen its all z fault of cambridge!!

  78. Latest news: Cambridge will find all those who found answers and questions and punish them! Good for them!

    Though the exams is already meaningless! It wont reflect true results! We should go for a re-sit! We should ask for it if the authorities decide not to make us re-sit!!!

    Btw i dont find Cambridge en tort, c’est la faute a ces éleves qui ont cherché a savoir les questions et reponses avant les papiers. Mais d’une part Cambridge un peu en tort coz on avait proposé de faire les examens worldwide at the same time, 8am in Mauritius and 12pm in Singapour. Actually we used this system for a few years mais it stopped after a while.

    Let’s see how Cambridge manages to find everyone who cheated. It’s not easy! The cheaters may have chatted in private, on messenger or via email. Or bouche a oreille…

    Voyons voir!

  79. But I think its cambridge ki pli en torr…….Zot ti bizin set a different paper for mauritius…………Pas 2 doute banla p manz nu kass….nune paye zot gro kass…….10000 rupi dan la vie actuel pa gagner kumsa mem…sa….I don’t think zot pu rci gagne every cheaters…….well u never know….

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