Traffic Boycott in Port Louis

Today was the first day of the Test week. I hould not be bloggin.. but “things” happened today!

All those who went through port louis today(around noon) must have noticed the unusual traffic jam. It was some kind of strike. Before leaving home, i was listening to radio plus and they anounced that there was some manifestation in port louis because of the price of diesel and there was a raffic jam. I thought that if would be a group of people walking around will banners and all… lol.. far from that..

These guys manifesting came with TRUCKS!! and block one lane of the road between Police Station fanfaron till Chapo lapaille.. i guess thats quite easy to visualise. Taxis, busses from the north.. other vehicles.. all of them go through this route.. imagine how awsme the traffic was!

here are some pictures i took with my mob.

From the other side of the road
From the other side of the road
Another pic... imP pli devant..
Another pic... imP pli devant..
Police jeep on yelow box.
at the complete front.. NB : Police jeep on yelow box.

The show is not over! I took the nus 52 MEdine to go to Gare Victoria… and that took me literraly 30 minits!!

Then, from there took bus 141.. and guess what i saw in front! Take a look at the pics again!

Rond point Cassis/Caudan
Rond point Cassis/Caudan

see in the middle of the pic. More trucks bloking the traffic. frank frank tou.. lol.. was a well planned trafik slowdown. Because of these 4 trucks here, the traffic(to port louis) was slowed almost till moka.


so far i thought that this strike was because the concerned parties didnt reduce the price of Diesel. but some friends told me that the price of diesel was reduced saturday(something like that) . so till now. i dnt know the reason. If you know, drop a comment.

Consequences :



7 thoughts on “Traffic Boycott in Port Louis

  1. Hey Sandeep, kot rond point caudan la pa zis 4 camions ki ti ena, ti ena plis… bane camions la ti surround rond point la net plus ti ena embouteillage monstre juska Montagne Ory, dan lane en direction port louis…

  2. Malheuresement, I think that those camionneurs who did that today are too illiterate and dont have any of their children sitting for SC or HSC Exams!

    Shame to them!

  3. yeah.. thats really sad.. those students prepared since two years for this moment.. and cudnt even sit for the exams! thats not done! and i dnt knw whats gna happen.. i dnt think they’l be able to resit for the same exam before next cambridge june paper. how are they going to get their result?? thats really really so bad. *shame on those truckers*

  4. Prices of diesel and petrol were decreased on Saturday.
    Screw those idiots.Because of them, many were late for the sc and hsc exams.
    If I were the PM, I would had ordered to have all the trucks removed from the road.
    Even though if I have to give orders to have them thrown away, I would had done that..But luckily or unluckily, not all wishes come true.

  5. Thanks god..I had test in the afternoon today. That was very cheap! I think they care a damn! Btw I am sure many of the cammioneur la pa mem cone kifer zot p fer la greve lol…They have just been told to come and they come 😛

  6. Wa ban illetrer la zot pan apran . pa enpes zenfen ki malin ek envi apran compoz exam. aster sa g_g_t gouvernment la ou cambrige fer ban piti hsc composer mais pa ban formV b pa dimoun zot? ban anglais p fer mari dans pays. kifer sa ban plok la pa ti cav fer operation escargot dans curepipe college? F_L_z_tM_mA

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