I’m feeling Lucky

Dimoune seki pa koner google kieT sa, lev lamain laooo met lamain dan lerein.. 😀

Today, i was surfing using GChrome, and as a matter of fact.. i was feeling lucky… so i went on google’s homepage.. i noticed that little button “Im feeling lucky”. Its been there since… pheeew… years ago… and I NEVER CLICKED IT! i thought it was a link to somekind of online arcade or smething… like casino.. bof.. So hell ya! I Clicked it!! And wow… got this super glittery flashing ziggling  message i was expecting! :

The “I’m Feeling LuckyTM” button automatically takes you to the first web page returned for your query.An “I’m Feeling Lucky” search means less time searching for web pages and more time looking at them.

I clicked back… wrote “s4ndeep” click it again! Amazing! it took me directly to my blog!! 😛 didnt know i was already indexed on google.. its been only 3 days since this blog is online… must say… google is my friend!

So guys and gals.. for all those of you who never clicked it.. try it.. its a really good feature which has been there since ages( i hope i  am not the only one who didnt try it.. else im gna sound like a complete idiot here).

Write your name! see where it takes you! just for fun!



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